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Case Study: Qubit Networks provides Extreme Networks solution to improve customer satisfaction and deliver better patient experiences.

January 14th, 2015 by admin


As more network dependent devices have become common place in healthcare, IU Health LaPorte Hospital was searching for a network infrastructure with 365x24x7 dependability. The greatest challenge faced by IU Heatlh IT staff was that there was no insight to network stability until there were problems occurring. "With no insight into the network and no redundancy, if something failed it could be a matter of life or death," said Josh Mandeville, Network Security Administrator at IU Health. With a small staff, it was imperative to find a system that would bring the entire network into one view and allow them to see the network and everything running on it at a much more granular level. Providing a robust, reliable wireless experience for guests has become a must-have for hospitals - directly correlating with patient experience and satisfaction. 2,500 unique guest devices per day was becoming an issue for IU Health's GuestNet, it required a network solution that would provide a consistent experience to staff, patients and guests.

Qubit Networks Recommended Solution

IU Health decided to replace their Cisco and Juniper infrastructure with an Extreme Networks solution provided by Qubit Networks that offered redundancy, unified management, increased visibility and top-notch support. Mandeville continued, "With Purview, NetSight, and GTAC support, we finally have real vision into our network and the support to back us up." Qubit Networks recommended a network design that could handle the high-availability requirements of the hospital environment. The Extreme Networks solution includes S-series switches at the core, C- and B-series switches at the edge and IdentiFi Wireless - all easily managed by the NetSight network management solution and Purview to provide application visibility.
“We have seen a direct correlation with how our network and applications run with patient experience. Everyone’s job is made easier with a fine-tuned network and we are able to do that with Extreme Networks and Purview.” Josh Mandeville, Network Security Administrator at IU Health


  1. Central management, visibility and control of the entire network.
  2. Improved patient satisfaction.
  3. Consistent user experience.
  4. Improved decision making and cost savings.
With the support of Qubit Networks, and Extreme Networks, IU Health will continiue to upgrade all 25 locations with Extreme Networks to provide a consistent user experience to benefit patients, guests and the bottom line. "Extreme Networks has helped us achieve what we couldn't even dream of before. We wanted to deliver the best experiences possible to improve patient outcomes, and now we can." concludes Mandeville. Read the entire case study here: EXTREME NETWORKS CASE STUDY: INDIANA UNIVERSITY HEALTH LA PORTE HOSPITAL

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