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Expanding Your Communications Options While Reducing Your Out of Pocket Costs

August 17th, 2017 by admin

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It seems for most companies today, everything they utilize is hosted somewhere in a cloud instead of a data center or server. You may be wondering why changing over to cloud-based services is so popular? Or, perhaps you like the way your business is structured, and you just don't understand the benefits of having a cloud-based infrastructure.

Let's take a moment to showcase how a hosted voice and integrated internet solution can help your organization communicate through more channels and options while stabilizing and reducing the cost of your monthly internet fees using same connections you already have in your office today.

The old way of business communication

With more traditional phone systems, you would be required to make a large, out of pocket capital expenditure to implement an inhouse phone system with a dedicated phone server. In addition, the phone lines would belong to the carrier who would be the party responsible for both the maintenance and the support of the voice quality and possible the phone hardware on your desk. This would give the carrier control of any necessary updates and feature additions to the services.

The new way of business communication

Using the cloud transforms the way businesses deploy their phones and communication tools. Clouds and virtualization take away the need for a big up-front investment for hardware and set-up. Not to mention the need for a data center is eliminated, because the cloud takes its place.

SD-Wan and similar technologies regulate the traffic on your local internet (like Comcast), ensuring the same quality of calls that you formally would have experienced on a traditional PBX (onsite phone system). The regulation of this traffic gives businesses the controls to decide what applications (such as Spotify) get the lion's share of the speeds and feeds and allows businesses to continue to run their internet on their local line –without any additional cost!

UC cloud and software defined WAN services provide flexibility for organizations that want to scale their deployments up and down depending on their specific business needs as well as the ease of adding new functionality and features whenever necessary at no additional costs.

Why make the change?

Many companies today are moving towards more mobile workforces. They want to create flexibility while not losing out on service level or employee productivity. The cloud partnered with hosted PBX phone systems allow them to create this flexibility relatively easily.

There is also a tremendous opportunity to improve the communication occurring between organizations and their current and potential customer base. Tools like hosted VoIP, video conferencing, contact centers, unified messaging and web collaboration are providing the ability to connect quickly and securely with customers to better meet their needs. Additionally, location limitations are reduced because cloud-based tools and resources allow partners and clients to meet together virtually through chat, video or virtual meetings from anywhere. The end result = better service, more options at a lower price tag. You can't beat that!

If nothing else, focus on the ROI

Companies are not only focused on increased functionality, scalability, and mobility, but also the variety of ways to achieve a return on investment for a cloud-based solution. It starts with lower operating costs and a better end-user experience. Overhead and installation costs are minimal because of the reduction of equipment and employees needed to manage and maintain the equipment. Additionally, more bandwidth is required to power the increased traffic on the network. ROI is quickly realized in the dramatically reduced one-time out of pocket fees, annual maintenance fees, upgrade requirements and additional internet costs. Why? Because in the cloud and partnered with the right technology solution provider, all of these costs are rolled up into a low monthly fee that guarantees that you are always operating on the latest and most innovative version of your phone system.

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