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Qfax is IP faxing that works!

February 24th, 2015 by admin

We've been working with IP faxing for a while.

We have been working with all forms of faxing since our beginning. At New Age Telecom, we were installing fax machines in the late 80s. As a technician in 2000, I remember installing fax machines in the home of one of our larger customer's field technician's home so they could get orders sent to them. We were also the first in our area to work on IP faxing, in other words, faxing that used the internet to send and receive. I remember everyone telling me that this was going to be a great solution that would save money and be the latest and greatest thing for faxing. At the beginning, this was not true, and it actually ended up costing us a lot of money to correct. We went into offices where the traditional faxing worked fine for 20 years, and changed to where it worked very sporadically. We found this was most often due to latency on the IP stream. When IP faxing, the fax machine tries to stream the fax across the Internet or WAN via an open channel, and when there is congestion on the network the fax will just stop transmitting. Customers would have 8 pages of a 10 page fax go through and the machine couldn't pick up the pieces. Wow...would people be upset! I remember a particularly angry lady throwing all her partially faxed papers against a wall and screaming, "I JUST WANT THIS TO WORK!", and we did too. So we searched for a solution.

Introducing Qfax!

Qfax is different.

It is a simple and elegant solution to the complex problem of latency in IP faxing. When you send a fax from your machine in your office, the fax is no longer sent along your old fax lines. The faxes are packaged and go to a small, unobtrusive box connected to your fax machine. Once the box gets the fax it securely sends the package to our servers in the secure cloud via your network (similar to email, but more secure!). Once on the server, the system dials the receiving fax machine inside the secure cloud and processes the fax. There is no open IP streaming at all!

An analogy

Let me explain it a different way. I'll use the analogy of shooting a water hose through a big fan that is not moving...all the water passes through to the other side. When the fan starts to turn slow, most of the water makes it through. However, when the fan is really spinning, not much (if any) water makes it through to the other side. This is how IP faxing worked streaming across the Internet, and how IP faxing is still being offered by many other vendors today. When there is no latency or jitter (fan is not moving) all the faxes transmit without failure (all the water gets through). As latency and jitter increase (fan starts to spin), information begins to drop (the water doesn't make it through). Qfax is the equivalent of taking a bucket, filling it with water, and carrying it on the other side of the fan to dump it on it's target. All of the water gets where you want it to, 100% of the time! The caching is the difference, and it is why so many of our customers have come to love Qfax. It is simple, requiring no change in user behavior, and it works all of the time!


While the Qfax enabled device is offered to support the use of a traditional fax machine, we carry additional Qfax solutions that can eliminate your traditional fax machine altogether. This allows you to send and receive faxes via email or through a secure user portal. We have affordable solutions for every fax volume, budget and business need. Check out the video above and give us a call to see how we can revolutionize your faxing.

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