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We take pride in measuring your happiness with the service we implement, and how we deliver it. With our passion for technology solutions, coupled with our drive to provide you with a great experience, Qubit Networks is the difference you have been looking for.



A strong network and security to maintain your most precious commodity, your customer’s data, go hand in hand. Using a proven design approach, our team of network engineers will ensure that your network helps you do more.

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Reduce unpredictable technology challenges and costs, while gaining the expertise of an advanced IT team, all working for you around the clock. Explore what managed IT could mean to your organization.

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In a world where cybercrime is continually on the rise, it is crucial to be equipped with the necessary tools needed to keep your digital assets and network environment safe.

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Our communication experts will help you design a unified communication infrastructure to maximize your efficiency.

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Focus on Strategy Not on Technology Tools


Discover How to avoid "Silos of Automation"

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We take pride in measuring the service and solutions that we implement, and how we deliver it. Let us help you leverage technology to help you do your job better.

Your network and data is the backbone of your organization. As data moves across multiple platforms and applications, you need a well-constructed network to provide your team with the means to leverage technology for greater output, and you must be equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to keep your digital assets and network environment safe. We architect stable networks and prevent cyber attacks from threatening your data.


  • Network Switches & Routers
  • Wireless technology
  • Firewalls & Antivirus Solutions
  • Network, Email, Mobile & Endpoint Security

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Business communication is as important to the internal team as it is to the customers you service. With so many channels and platforms to communicate- text, social, email, chat, and phone – customer service can easily fall between the cracks. Unified Communication pulls together all of your communication needs. Our communication experts will help you design a unified communication infrastructure to maximize the way you communicate with your customers and your internal team members. We offer a variety of unified communication solutions to fit the way your team communicates including:


  • Premise Voice Solutions
  • Hosted (Cloud) Voice Solutions
  • Data & Internet Connectivity
  • Video Conferencing and Voice Trunking
  • Carrier Services

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As your business evolves so do the requirements of providing connectivity to the services needed by your employees and customers.  Employees are requiring more mobility and different types of connectivity to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  Customers aren’t only interfacing with your business during the business day, but when it’s convenient for them.  With these increased requirements the technology of your organization needs to be accessible at all times, and network downtime is not an option. This is why Managed IT for the network is a must.

Choose from two different Managed IT packages:

  • Network Network Services
  • Managed Workplace

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Making sure our customers’ network and communication infrastructure is running at 100% optimization, 24/7, is a promise that we strive to deliver. Our support plan is designed to maximize network and provide you with help around:


  • 24/7 Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Back-up
  • Onsite Support

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Qubit Networks Lives on 3 Core Promises. Discover how we can help you leverage IT. Read More